Posted by: will | March 27, 2007

Love Me Destroyer…

Love Me DestroyerThe Things Around Us Burn” (Suburban Home)


I had high hopes for Love Me Destroyer’s debut album, Black Heart Affair. The band is made up of several former members of the greatly underrated Pinhead Circus so it was with anticipation that I listened to Black Heart Affair. However, while the album certainly showed promise, it seemed to be lacking somewhat. Love Me Destroyer did not seem to hit at the same level as Pinhead Circus was at the end of their run. The Things Around Us Burn changes everything though. The new album from Love Me Destroyer hints at what made Pinhead Circus so great while expanding on the formula with powerful results.

Love Me Destroyer, much like Pinhead Circus, play a rough brand of punk with subtle pop and emo influences. The band’s songwriting has come a long way since Black Heart Affair. The songs The Things Around Us Burn are better constructed and far more memorable. The band seems to have a greater idea of what they want to convey and they simply drive it home. The anthemic nature of Pinhead Circus finally shows up in Love Me Destroyer’s songs. It’s an addition that is not lost on an old Pinhead Circus fan like myself. The band rarely lets up as they pummel out song after song. More differentiation in tempo could be a great weapon for the band in the future. That’s a small complaint though as the band’s brand of punk rock is powerful and unrelenting.

Love Me Destroyer have released a rare album that sounds completely their own…devoid of any genre constriction and/or trends. While The Things Around Us Burn is a great album and certainly an improvement on the band’s debut, one still can not help but feel this band has something greater in store in the future. Til then though, The Things Around Us Burn will do just fine.

RIYL: A Wilhelm Scream, Planes Mistaken For Stars, Hot Water Music


Love Me Destroyer – Not If You Were The Last Sinner On Earth (mp3)

Love Me Destroyer – Things Around Us Burn (mp3)



  1. man…I loved Pinhead Circus…this is kind of a disappointment.

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