Posted by: will | March 23, 2007

The Winter Sounds…

Band You Should Know

I have been talking a lot about The Winter Sounds on SAL lately and for good reason. They are a great young band based out of Athens, GA. The band’s sound is a hard one to pin down. It lies somewhere between indie rock, pop and emo with a little of that southern charm thrown in for good measure. The band’s self-released 2006 album, Land Of No Output, is a little known gem of an album. The Winter Sounds have a remarkable way of crafting incredibly memorable songs with monster choruses that never sound forced or trite. The band recently signed on with Livewire Recordings. The band’s new album, Porcelain Empire, is scheduled for release later this year. I had the pleasure of seeing the band earlier this week and while the set was far too short (certainly not their fault), the band was as impressive live as they are on tape. They also have business cards and sing some mean karoake. As you can tell, The Winter Sounds are a classy operation.


The Winter Sounds – The Great Forgotten (mp3)


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