Posted by: will | March 23, 2007

Dear And The Headlights…

Dear And The Headlights “Small Steps, Heavy Hooves” (Hope Divison/Equal Vision)


Say what you will about Equal Vision, the label does an excellent job of finding unknown bands and shedding light on them. What a concept for a record company, right? Anyway, Phoenix, AZ’s Dear And The Headlights are certainly one of those nice finds for the label. There is a lot to dissect on Small Steps, Heavy Hooves. Dear And The Headlights’ sound is certainly not easy to put a finger on. The band draws on everything from brit-pop to emo. It’s an interesting combination but the band makes it work incredibly smoothly.

I hear a lot of what Bear Vs. Shark (another Equal Vision find) was doing on Small Steps, Heavy Hooves. That is minus any of the hardcore influence of Bear Vs. Shark of course. There is no real sign of any hardcore here. Although, Ian Metzger’s lead vocals can carry over into a heartfelt scream much akin to that heard on Bear Vs. Shark albums. It is Metzger’s vocals that take center stage on Small Steps, Heavy Hooves time after time. The band reminds one of Coldplay without the cheesiness or Arcade Fire without the pretension. Dear And The Headlights have that raw and real feel to to their music. This is not a band that sets out to try and write singles. However, there are a number of gems that lace Small Steps, Heavy Hooves. And just think, this is only Dear And The Headlight’s debut record.

At 53 minutes, Small Steps, Heavy Hooves might be considered a bit long-winded. However, the record has a wonderful pace to it. Never does the album feel like it is dragging in the least bit. That is a powerful statement of what the band has been able to accomplish here. Dear And The Headlights are what a pop rock band should sound like…intelligent, powerful, emotional and truly memorable.

RIYL: Bear Vs. Shark, Arcade Fire, Coldplay


Dear And The Headlights – It’s Gettin’ Easy (mp3)

Dear And The Headlights – Run In The Front (mp3)



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