Posted by: will | March 22, 2007

The Artificial Sea…

The Artificial Sea “City Island” (Travelling Music)


The Artificial Sea are an interesting and talented duo from Brooklyn, NY. Kevin C. Smith is the instrumentalist and Alina Simone provides the vocals. The duo plays a somber brand of indie/electronica that brings to mind the likes of Portishead and Bjork. Smith “records with a collection of guitars, obsolete synthesizers, vintage video game consoles, homemade electronics, and found sound.” I guess this style could be considered what was once called trip-hop. Although I have not heard that term in years.

The Artificial Sea’s sound is all in the details. Taken at face value, City Island may perhaps be easily dismissed. If one chooses to delve further though, there is a great deal to be dissected and enjoyed. Smith’s musical experiments are certainly worth exploration. They are simply fascinating. His musical experiments provide an eclectic, yet minimal and restrained backdrop for the seductive and unique vocal stylings of Alina Simone. The give and take between Smith and Simone is a thing of beauty. Never once does either one overtake the other. They compliment each other to remarkable results.

The Artificial Sea have crafted a familiar, yet unique album. City Island is an album that creates an unmistakable mood with each listen. It is a wonderful balance the duo has struck here on their debut. City Island is a record that simply begs for many late night listens.

RIYL: Portishead, Bjork, Lali Puna


The Artificial Sea – Gloryhole (mp3)

The Artificial Sea – Tunnel Vision (mp3)

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