Posted by: will | March 21, 2007

The Casket Lottery…

Band You Should Have Known

The Casket Lottery were an amazing emo rock band based out of Lawrence, KS. While the band’s earlier work owed an obvious debt to bands like Sunny Day Real Estate, The Casket Lottery always continued to expand their sound with each release. The Casket Lottery remain one of my favorite bands still today. While the band has have never officially broken up, they are on “extended hiatus.” Singer/guitarist Nathan Ellis now plays in a promising new band called Jackie Carol and drummer Nathan Richardson plays for the equally great The Appleseed Cast.


On The Air from Smoke and Mirrors (mp3)

Carmichaels and Carpikes from Possiblies and Maybes (mp3)

Code Red from Survival Is For Cowards (mp3)

Blessed/Cursed from Blessed/Cursed (mp3)

Keep Searching from Moving Mountains (mp3)



  1. I beat you to Jena Berlin! You need to talk to your beartrap boy and get those releases courier pigeoned to you.

    Lawrence, KS must have a cool scene. Ad Astra Per Aspera are from there as well.

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