Posted by: will | March 20, 2007

Tuesday Musings…

– I saw Silversun Pickups Friday night. It was an odd experience. While the band played a raucous and enjoyable set (sound problems aside), I could not help but be completely turned off by the crowd the band had attracted. I had heard that the band was being played on mainstream rock radio stations. However, I was hoping since the band was playing in a more indie-oriented club that the crowd would not be overrun by radio fans. Well, unfortunately, I was wrong. With that being said, the band deserves all the attention they are getting. I will just say that it will probably be my last time seeing them.

– I was shocked to see such a positive review for the new Modest Mouse on Pitchfork yesterday. The album is great and fans of older Modest Mouse should find plenty to like. The addition of Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr to the Modest Mouse lineup is a surprising success. Review should be up soon.

– Over on Indie HQ the debate rages on about illegal downloads and the ramifications on indie bands and record companies. I’ve already begun to put my thoughts down about this for an upcoming post.

– But apparently, people still do buy albums. How about Arcade Fire selling 92,000 copies of Neon Bible and placing #2 on the Billboard charts in the album’s first week? Those are mind-boggling numbers for an indie record. I have written a review for Neon Bible but I keep going back and forth on the album. Hopefully I will have the review up soon though.

Ted Leo‘s Living With The Living and Andrew Bird‘s Armchair Apocrypha are both so tight. These two guys are as talented as you will find in the indie rock world. Best of 2007 indeed. Reviews upcoming.

– I’m a bit let down by the new The Snake The Cross The Crown record, Cotton Teeth, which comes out on Equal Vision in March. Their last record, Mander Salis, was fantastic and the new record seems to be a bit of a step back for the band. I’ve got a few weeks to change my mind on this one. But, Equal Vision has found another diamond in the rough with Dear And The Headlights. The band’s debut, Small Steps, Heavy Hooves, is an impressive slice of indie/emo rock that reminds me of the greatly underrated Bear Vs. Shark at times. Reviews upcoming for these two records.

– Check out Can You See The Sunset. It is a great music blog that I recently discovered.

– Go listen to The Winter Sounds. I’m seeing the band tomorrow and I’m stoked. The band has a massive set of live dates upcoming. Definitely check them out if you get the chance.


  1. I can still remember Ted Leo planning “Spirit of the Radio” by Rush on Air America’s Morning Sedition. It was incredible. The played all of those monster riff’s on acoustic and sang at Geddy Lee’s glass breaking pitch like it was nothing.

  2. good call on the new ted leo(that guy plays a meeeen git-box), keep listening to that Snake Cross Crown though, as it does grow on you(although I may be a bit biased on that one)…also you should check out Shinobu(asian man records) …they are the new pavement and the best band outta san jose since the doobies.

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