Posted by: will | March 16, 2007

Ultra Dolphins…

Ultra Dolphins “Mar” (Robotic Empire)


I remember seeing Ultra Dolphins quite a few years ago at the Macrock Festival. I was thoroughly impressed by the band’s ability to make such a tired genre seem so fresh. I bought the band’s demo EP after seeing them but it did not really convey the energy of the band’s live show. This is my first listen to the band in a few years and I am quite floored by their progression.

You have to hand it to Ultra Dolphins. Considering the band is coming from the screamo/hardcore scene Mar is highly creative. It certainly is nice and exciting to listen to a band who seems unrestrained by any type of genre label. Mar is diverse while still staying true to the band’s original sound. It is all over the map but in a truly impressive and cohesive way. The band’s earlier work was fantastic for what it was but on Mar the band truly distinguishes themeselve from the countless others. Mar sees the band spreading their wings and the album is a remarkable achievement for Ultra Dolphins.

The band’s patented frantic delivery is still here but it is balanced with more melody. There is also a more expansive palette that the band delivers their music from now. Electronics are abundant on Mar as well as frequent journeys into purely instrumental/noise territory. The band has taken the screamy hardcore formula and turned it upside down. Mar is truly an engrossing listen and one that should serve as a benchmark for bands looking to branch out from any pesky genre constrictions.

RIYL: Drive Like Jehu, Frodus, The Blood Brothers


Ultra Dolphins – William’s Nightmare (mp3)

Ultra Dolphins – The Great Neurasthenic (mp3)


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