Posted by: will | March 15, 2007

Sounds Like Violence…

Sounds Like Violence “With Blood On My Hands” (Deep Elm)


I have followed Sounds Like Violence since their infancy so it seems rather unreal that the band has FINALLY released their debut full-length record, With Blood On My Hands. The band’s exquisite debut EP, The Pistol was released way back in 2004. So, it has been quite a lengthy wait for With Blood On My Hands. Does the band deliver on the promise of their earlier work?

On The Pistol, Sounds Like Violence had the an uncanny ability of writing songs that were so raw, yet remarkably infectious. However, it becomes apparent when listening to With Blood On My Hands that the band has grown a great deal since. The band is much more intricate and subtle in their delivery. Gone, for the most part, are the striking choruses of The Pistol. That can certainly be looked at in a positive or negative light. While With Blood On My Hands does not have that same instant attraction that The Pistol did, it does offer a longer lasting shelf life.

What has not left Sound Like Violence’s reportoire is the band’s penchant for creating an unrelenting energy within their songs. There is a nervous and raw sense of desperation that echoes throughout With Blood On My Hands. Much of that has to do with the reckless abandon of frontman Andreas Soderlund’s often unnerving vocals. Unfortunately, another feature that remains is Soderlund’s rudimentary way with words. Soderlund’s lyrics are anything but profound. However, his vocal style and delivery often help you look past his lack of lyrical deftness. Most of the album’s lyrical imagery is dark and concerned with extreme matters of the heart. It is that lyrical darkness combined with the band’s volotile explosive presence that colors With Blood On My Hands so boldly.

Sounds Like Violence combine the dark post-punk of Interpol with the poppy cynicism of The Posies and the indie rock of the Archers Of Loaf into one exciting and restless sound. Listening to With Blood On My Hands is an excersise in patience and eventual acceptance. On one hand you want to reach through the speakers and shake Soderlund. Yet, you realize that the depths of his despair is what drives Sounds Like Violence. What to do? For now, I guess I’ll just sit back and listen. Perhaps you should too.

RIYL: Interpol, The Posies, Archers Of Loaf


Sounds Like Violence – Changes (mp3)

Sounds Like Violence – Longing For A Warm Embrace (mp3)


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