Posted by: will | March 14, 2007

Quick Hits…

Fall Out Boy “Infinity On High” (Interscope)

I’m not gonna lie. I dig some of Fall Out Boy’s stuff. The boys can flat out write some catchy shit. I give props where they are do. But, it doesn’t really change the fact that I want to hit Pete Wentz in the face with a brick. I’ll still put this on for all the dance parties I have at my house. Oh, wait, I don’t have dance parties at my house.


Moros ErosI Saw the Devil Last Night and Now the Sun Shines Bright” (Victory)

Marietta, GA band Moros Eros quietly signed to Victory Records and released this album last year. Did Victory spend any money promoting these guys or did all that go towards the label’s many lawsuits with former bands? Either way, Moros Eros are much better than your average Victory Record band. This is a cool record even if it is a bit uneven at times. The band still seems like they are finding their sound. Musically, comparisons to Minus The Bear and post-punk bands are appropriate. Vocally, there is a bit of an At The Drive-In influence. Moros Eros seem quite ambtious with their songwriting which makes for some great moments as well as some truly awkward ones as well. This is a band to watch for though.


Goldenboy “Underneath The Radio” (Eenie Meenie)

Goldenboy is a singer-songwriter in the indie pop vein. Underneath The Radio is a solid album’s worth of material. However, no matter how nice and familiar the songs sound, you will be hard pressed to remember them after the album ends. It’s not bad but why would anybody choose this album when they could easily listen to an Elliott Smith record instead?


Form Of Rocket “Men” (Sickroom)

I vaguely remember dismissing Form Of Rocket’s debut Lumber when it came back out on Some Records a few years back. Men is much better than I remember the band to be. The band plays a brand of noisy rock in the vein of The Jesus Lizard and bands in that particular realm. Still though, there are much better bands playing this sound. But, if you get off on this style, well, Form Of Rocket will probably give you exactly what you need and want.


Pablo “Half The Time” (Curb Appeal)

This is a nice debut from this Brooklyn band. Pablo play a brand of soft and unassuming indie/folk fairly reminiscent to a band like Gomez. Half The Time is a simple album that reveals a little more with each listen. The band certainly has the talent to create something far beyond the promise they have displayed here on their debut.


The Lovekill “These Moments Are Momentum” (Astro Magnetics)

This album was produced by Stephen Pederson (The White Octave, Cursive, Criteria) and it is understandable why. The Lovekill seem like they have followed Pederson’s career very closely. While they are definitely coming from some nice influences, the band lacks that certain something that brings a listener back. This is a debut that certainly shows some promise though. The Lovekill are a band to keep an eye on in the future.


Youth Group “Casino Twilight Dogs” (Anti)

These Aussies last album, Skeleton Jar, was pretty solid. Casino Twilight Dogs is a small step back though. While there are some great singles here, like the album opener “Catching & Killing”, the album as a whole falls into mediocrity far too often considering the talent the band obviously possesses. Putting that aside, fans of Snow Patrol and indie pop in general should be able to find something to like here.


Self Against City “Telling Secrets To Strangers” (Drive-Thru)

Listening to this record makes me want to reach through the stereo and punch the singer in his face. Seriously.



  1. You should totally have a dance party. I’ll bring the Franzia.

  2. You should have put the FOB stuff at the bottom of the list, because after reading that I lost my appetite…. But I did meet the Nuge last night, so i’m in a happy place.

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