Posted by: will | March 12, 2007


WOLVERINES – Full-Length Album Details / Upcoming Releases / Slated to Star in Red Dawn 2


Greensboro / Raleigh-based two-piece Wolverines have finished writing songs for their debut full-length Genosha which will see a Summer 2007 release from Playground Politics Records. The band will also be touring the East Coast in support of the album.

Additionally, Wolverines have an upcoming split 7” with The Breathing on Our Group of Friends due out in April.

Self-described as “two little guys playing big boy music,” Wolverines recently appeared on a split cd with pals / roommates / dance partners The Sibling Project. You can pick up the record from either band at their shows or go here.

Gnarly punk rock noise, intent on picking at those parts of your eardrums that other bands don’t reach… sharp, angular and brilliantly untamed. – New Noise
It always feels like Wolverines are teetering on the edge…that type of suspense definitely makes them compelling. –
Wolverines’ songs go by in a dizzy haze…raw production and nervous energy only add to their charm. – Sound as Language
Wolverines attack every song like their lives depend on it as they screech, sweat and stamp their way through. – Subba-Cultcha


– Check out my review of the Wolverines/Sibling Project split here. I am looking forward to hearing more stuff from Wolverines.


Wolverines – Jubilation (mp3)



  1. you used your own quote in your post! that’s sweet.

  2. copy and paste dawg…copy and paste.

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