Posted by: will | March 10, 2007

Loren Dent…

Loren Dent “Empires And Milk” (Contract Killers)


Loren Dent is an impressive artist who hails from Austin, TX. The bio of Dent describes him as being an “aural architect, musician, and producer.” While it may sound pretentious, it is a truthful description. Empires And Milk is a massive album that clocks in at close to 80 minutes. The music here is simply beautiful. This is ambient post-rock with gorgeous textures that wash over you in wave after glorious wave. The album has the remarkable ability of playing to your moods. Empires and Milk can totally engross and engage you if you so choose. However, the album is also well-suited to providing a lovely background soundscape as well. The tones of the songs that make up Empires and Milk are truly diverse. The contrast between the dark and the light is blurred constantly when listening. Never does that take away from the warm and inviting feel of the album though. This is music that plays as the soundtrack to those wonderful dreams you never want to wake up from. Dent should certainly be praised for his meticulous attention to detail. It is what makes Empires And Milk such an intriguing piece of music and a triumphant achievement.

RIYL: Tim Hecker, Stars Of The Lid, Eluvium


Loren Dent – Love Song: Years of Iron Static (mp3)


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