Posted by: will | March 8, 2007

Baby Teeth…

Baby Teeth “The Simp” (Lujo)


On Baby Teeth’s myspace page the band has their genres listed as Pop/R&B/Indie. Perhaps it is meant as a joke but honestly, after numerous listens to The Simp, you would have to agree with the band’s classification. The only contemporary band I think of when listening to Baby Teeth are The Hold Steady. But where The Hold Steady worship at the altar of working class roots rock, Baby Teeth have broader ambitions. The band’s over the top influences, such as Elton John and Queen, are quite noticeable and add a certain flair to the band’s already eccentric style. Baby Teeth may be a rock band but only in the loosest sense.

The Simp starts off with its most accessible tracks. These are blatant pop songs that are decorated up and down with Baby Teeth’s diverse bag of tricks. There is also a dark, yet humorous lyrical take provided by the band which is certainly endearing. The album’s first song is the title track of the album and you will be hard pressed not to sing along before the song has reached the end. “Swim Team” keeps the sing-alongs coming with its brilliant mixture of synths and strings. That infectious mixture is continued on “The Birds Are Crying” which begs for a huge stage presentation of backing soul singers and a full orchestra. “Taste The Wine” is really the only misstep here. The song can not follow up on The Simp‘s excellent starting trifecta of songs. It reminds me of Phish and that is never a good thing. The band rebounds quickly though. “Looking For A Road” and “God Girlfriend” are nice, simple downtempo songs that show the band does not need to dress their songs up to succeed. Album closer “Wolves” is a six-minute anthemic piano ballad that, much like most of The Simp, simply defies classification.

Baby Teeth straddle the line of excessiveness but never go overboard. The band always seems to know when to pull back on the reigns. Baby Teeth pull from a diverse range of genres to make something truly original. The Simp is the sound of a band creating exciting and genre-defying music. While the band might not be there quite yet, they are certainly close. At least with Baby Teeth you know the journey to get there will be a fun one.

RIYL: The Hold Steady, Ben Folds, Queen


Baby Teeth – The Simp (mp3)

Baby Teeth – Looking For A Road (mp3)


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