Posted by: will | March 7, 2007

Great Northern…

Great Northern

Silverlake, California’s Great Northern craft dreamy and dramatic pop songs straight from the heart. Their full-length debut album Trading Twilight For Daylight is a thing of beauty, every song equally as enchanting and sure to burrow its way into your conscious.

The male-female vocals on “Home” weave seamlessly as unforgettable melodies are draped in stately piano and synth-string flourishes. Elsewhere “Telling Lies” flirts with the epic as its exhilirating guitars lure you to the bridge, where it then snows glorious mountains of spine-tingling “oooh” and “aaah”s.

And we are very much oooh-ing and aaah-ing over this impressive collection.

Artist: Great Northern
Album: Trading Twilight For Daylight
Label: Eenie Meenie Records
Release: May 15, 2007

official site:

“Home” MP3:


– I put this album on last night for the first time and was thorougly impressed. Review for Trading Twilight For Daylight will not be up for a while seeing as how the album’s release date is not until May 15th. Go listen to “Low Is A Height” on their Myspace page…that’s my favorite.



  1. I like that you posted tour dates that have already gone by. That’s good shit.

  2. Shows you how much I proofread my shit. Fixed biatch!

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