Posted by: will | March 6, 2007

Explosions In The Sky…


Explosions In The Sky “All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone” (Temporary Residence)

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It is amazing to me how popular the post-rock genre has become. Bands like Mogwai and Explosions In The Sky have become household names and have even crossed over into the mainstream consciousness in the last few years. As derivative as some of the bands can be and as critics continue to dismiss the genre I can see why post-rock continues to flourish. Bands like Explosions In The Sky are writing, in my opinion, modern day classical music.

All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone is Explosions In The Sky’s fourth full-length record and perhaps their least immediate work. As is the case for most instrumental music though, rarely does an album hit you quickly. Instrumental music and post-rock have a tendency to unfold slowly and usually take many listens to grow and show themselves to you in all their glory (or lack thereof). However, with Explosions In The Sky, it was always a faster process. The band arranged their songs so immaculately. The power and the beauty the band’s music conveyed never took too long to grasp. For whatever reason, All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone? takes a little more patience.

The album starts off with “The Birth And Death Of The Day” which is patented Explosions In The Sky. Close to two minutes of glorious guitar feedback start the song before it fades out and the song starts to take shape. It is a familiar sound. The slow drum beat picks up as the bass keeps pace. The guitars march around each other until the song hits the peak in the middle. All the instruments meet and carry the song home until it reaches the quiet slow ending. The album’s first track flows right into “Welcome, Ghosts”, which is the first single. There is no slow build-up here. The instruments all jump into the water together and mesh early. The song practices the quiet/loud dynamic back and forth over it’s six minute course. There is no band (other than Mogwai) that does this with better results. “What Do You Go Home To” is a nice, subtle change of pace for the band. The song is built around the piano instead of the piano acting as just another texture or layer of a song. Surprisingly, guitars are close to being absent from the track. It’s a mesmerizing song that shows that the band is able to think outside the box a little bit. The guitars make a quick comeback on “Catastrophe And The Cure”, which is perhaps All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone‘s finest song. The eight-minute long song only comes up for air on several occasions as it rarely losing its tempo from the very beginning. The album ends with the subtle piano laced “So Long, Lonesome” which is one of Explosion In The Sky’s shortest tracks ever at less than four minutes. The song is a beautiful example of the power of the band’s music. Explosions In The Sky have the ability to take you far away from the boring pastures of everyday life. They continue to do it with remarkable results on All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone.

All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone offers little to no surprises. There is good and bad in that. For critics only concerned with progression at all costs (Pitchfork), well, this album will be a disappointment. But, for true fans of the band, there is much to love here. Explosions In The Sky do what they do very well and there is no doubt that this album ranks up there with their others as an amazing piece of work. But, Explosions In The Sky will eventually need to progress or risk dying a slow death. The band needs to look no further than a band like Mogwai to see how they can reinvent themselves. For now though, I’m quite content with All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone.

RIYL: Mogwai, Mono, Godspeed You! Black Emperor


Explosions In The Sky – Welcome, Ghosts (mp3)



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