Posted by: will | March 5, 2007

Die Hoffnung…

Die Hoffnung “Love Songs” (No Idea)


Die Hoffnung recorded Love Songs way back in July of 2005. However, the album did not see release until October of 2006. For that reason, Love Songs has unfortunately gone under the radar of many (including myself). But, the important thing is that Die Hoffnung’s long awaited debut album has finally reached us. For anyone that has followed the Gainesville, Florida scene and No Idea Records, Love Songs should be quite a treat. Die Hoffnung is the creation of the Marburger brothers (Jim and John). The brothers are known specifically for their legendary emo band I Hate Myself but also have spent time in other Gainesville bands like Burnman, Pung and Gunmoll.

Die Hoffnung are more akin to the brothers’ last band together, the underrated Burnman. Where I Hate Myself beautifully tortured you slowly and deliberately, Burnman and Die Hoffnung are much more frantic in their delivery overall. The songs are mathy and full of odd time signatures with a raw, yet refined, instrumental prowess. The brothers do a nice job of changing up moods and tempos on Love Songs while never resorting to resurrecting their past. In fact, there are only a few “emo” moments that creep into Love Songs. The album closer, “Tour Of Bridges”, being one as it sounds pretty darn close to I Hate Myself. However, other than those small instances, the brothers sound remarkably refreshing here. They have slimmed themselves down to a duo. One can barely notice the lack of the bass guitar though. Overall, it does nothing but enhance the music as Love Songs sounds streamlined and full of energy.

Love Songs probably won’t tear up your stereo for months and months. However, it is yet another strong outing by the Marburger brothers who continue to prove their musical longevity. Die Hoffnung means “The Hope” in German. Perhaps that shows a certain maturity the brothers have reached since their old I Hate Myself days. While the brothers may have grown they still continue to grace us with their presence. I, for one, am grateful of that.

RIYL: Hot Cross, Twelve Hour Turn, Transistor Transistor


Die Hoffnung – Der Autounfull (mp3)


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