Posted by: will | March 3, 2007

Quick Hits…

This is a new feature to help me cover more music in less time. Somedays I will do these shorter reviews instead of writing one “real” review. I don’t think I’ll set a word limit but all these reviews will be short and sweet. So, you get the point…here we go:

Old Crow Medicine Show “Big Iron World” (Nettwork)

I’m not a big fan of bluegrass. However, Nashville-based Old Crow Medicine Show provide a nice modern spin on old-timey bluegrass. This is good stuff that I’m sure the bluegrass traditionalists hate. For fans of bluegrass who do not usually listen to bluegrass.


Professor Murder “Professor Murder Rides The Subway” (Kanine)

This is pretty good stuff here. Professor Murder play dancey indie rock mixed with post-punk. Fans of !!!, Radio 4 and The Rapture should be soaking their pants over this. While it does sound good, I must admit I’m a bit turned off by the feeling that these guys are hipster magnets.


Classic Case “Losing At Life” (Fearless)

It’s sad to see that former members of Glassjaw and Beloved make up the Classic Case roster. This is bland modern alternative rock in the vein of Incubus. Uh, no thanks.


Hem “Funnel Cloud” (Nettwork)

Solid downtempo pop music that has a country feel to it. The record plays really well as background music. This is easy listening stuff that relaxes completely. Comparisons to 10,000 Maniacs, Cowboy Junkies and Mazzy Star have been made. Great mood music.


Damiera “M(US)ic” (Equal Vision)

What the hell is that album title? Anyway, Equal Vision is determined to sign as many bands as possible that resemble Coheed & Cambria. This is bad. Sell your Coheed records and do not buy this. Just go listen to Circa Survive instead.



  1. Two things:
    1. Hippies LOVE Old Crow Medicine Show. They played down here a while back and it was patchouli-fest!
    2. Classic Case is EX-BLANKFACE. Yes, the same Blankface that is/was totally awesome from NC. Yes, Classic Case sucks ballz.

  2. nice shout out to professor murder. i put them in my top 10 of 2006…i think they’re swell.

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