Posted by: will | March 2, 2007

Wolverines And The Sibling Project…

Wolverines And The Sibling Project “Split” (Self-Released)


What an odd, but entertaining split release this is. Wolverines and The Sibling Project have a few things in common. They both are duos coming from the DIY indie scene and they both hail from Raleigh, NC. Frankly, that is where the similarities end though. Wolverines and The Sibling Project are coming from too opposite musical spectrums but it works rather well here on this split.

Wolverines kick off the CD and I can dig what these guys are doing. The duo play a noisy brand of chaotic punk/hardcore with screamy vocals. Wolverines five songs go by in a dizzy haze so you might miss the intricacies of the duo’s music upon initial listens. It is certainly there to be found though. The raw production and nervous energy of the duo’s songs only add to the Wolverine’s charm.

The Sibling Project ends the split CD with five songs of their own. These songs work to bring you down from the unbridled high of Wolverines tracks. The brother and sister duo play an infectious style of indie pop drowned in electronic flourishes and dominated by female vocals. While this style is not usually my cup of tea (I despise Mates of State), The Sibling Project perform it quite well. The electronics add a nice original touch to the duo’s sound. The sincerity shown in The Sibling Project’s songs certainly make up for any deficiencies.

So, of course I can not review a split without announcing a winner. Wolverines take this one in a closer-than-expected fight. Both duos show tremendous promise in their obvious infancy. I for one will be interested to hear future outings from both Wolverines and The Sibling Project. This is DIY music that shows a true indie spirit.

Wolverines RIYL: Tiny Hawks, Lightning Bolt, Sinaloa

The Sibling Project RIYL: Mates Of States, Rainer Maria, The Spinanes


Wolverines – Jubilation (mp3)

The Sibling Project – Contest (mp3)



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