Posted by: will | March 1, 2007

Che Arthur…

Che Arthur “Iron” (Sickroom)

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Che Arthur is best known as the guitarist of the defunct Chicago indie/art rock band Atombombpocketknife. Arthur is not blessed with an incredible or original voice. The music the man composes is not very diverse or eclectic. Frankly, Che Arthur is not doing anything that has not been done before on his second solo album, Iron. However, what Arthur does possess is a keen sense of writing intimate songs full of strength and passion. Iron rocks back and forth between acoustic numbers and full band explosions. The power roars out from Arthur’s more rock-oriented songs as his voice and band often seem on the verge of losing control. Iron provides several nice changes of pace as Arthur often bares his soul on the dark acoustic tunes. While comparisons to rock outfits like Husker Du and Foo Fighters are accurate the pop factor of those bands is fairly lost here. This album is certainly not catchy or an easy listen. Iron is simply the sound of a man who is making music for himself and himself alone. It is a moving ride through Arthur’s fragile emotional state. While Iron might not always be a pretty journey it’s definitely still worth the price of admission.

RIYL: Husker Du, Foo Fighters, Bob Mould


Che Arthur – Dead Trajectories (mp3)



  1. Che Arthur is totally rad. You were a little brutal, maybe I should send you some records from 15-year-olds in Alabam to review. 🙂

  2. Brutal? Ha. This is a good solid album but it isn’t one that I will reach for very often.

  3. Speaking of…where the hell is my pacakge of Tupac records at BRIAN?

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