Posted by: will | February 28, 2007

Young Widows…

Young Widows “Settle Down City” (Jade Tree)

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Young Widows formed from the ashes of Breather Resist. When Breather Resist lost their original vocalist the band decided to go on without him as a three piece. However, once in the studio the band’s songs were noticeably moving in a different direction. Hence, the three remaining members decided to start anew and thus, Young Widows was born. The band plays a sleazy brand of noisy, discordant punk rock. The band’s sound comes as a sweet breath of fresh air.

Settle Down City is ferocious. The guitar work of Evan Patterson (Black Cross, The National Acrobat) is ridiculous and truly inventive while the rhythm section frames his playing immaculately. Young Widows manages to rise above the many others that have played this style in the past. The band does a nice job of mixing up tempos and creating something unique on Settle Down City. While this is the debut record for Young Widows, it is plainly obvious that these three guys no each others’ moves before they make them. What might be lost on some listeners as they are pummeled by the music is that there is a great deal of melody to be found here. It may be subtle but dare I say that some of these songs are catchy in their own ugly way.

I am not one who is usually drawn to this style of music very often. However, Young Widows play it so remarkably well that I can not help but get sucked in. There is a power and energy shooting out from the seams of Settle Down City. The band has created some truly memorable moments in a genre that has been sucked dry over the years. I am quite ready to see Young Widows in a hot, sweaty basement somewhere real soon! Damn right!

RIYL: The Jesus Lizard, Drive Like Jehu, Shellac


Young Widows – The Charmers (mp3)



  1. Yeah this is some good shit and available on eMusic.

  2. I thought you might like this Court.

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