Posted by: will | February 26, 2007

Long-Winded Monday Musings…

I’m bringing my musings section back. Some thoughts…

– How cool was it to see Explosions In The Sky booked on Conan and Arcade Fire on SNL in the last few days!? I missed the Arcade Fire performance but EITS was darn good. Props to Conan who always books such great musical guests!

– I came across a great band from Athen, GA called The Winter Sounds yesterday. They are playing here in Columbia soon so I’m excited to see them. You can check out some tunes at their myspace page here our you can stream their entire record here.

– Another great show that is coming to Columbia is The Rosebuds with Beach House. The Rosebud’s last album, Birds Make Good Neighbors is ridiculously good. Their new record is supposed to be out in mid-2007. And I’m finally coming around on that Beach House record that came out last year. Good stuff with a definite Mazzy Star vibe going on.

– A band similar in style to Beach House but without vocals is the less-known The American Dollar who are from Queens, NY. I’m not sure where I first came across the band, but their self-titled debut album is glorious instrumental stuff. They just released a new album called The Technicolour Sleep, which I really need to get my hands on.

– Fans of that fabulous Eletric President record that I reviewed here and came in at #16 on my Best of 2006 should take notice. Ben Cooper of Electric President breaks away from the duo with his other project called Radical Face. The record, called Ghost, will be out in April. While it is a bit of a departure from Electric President, I think fans will definitely be into it.

– I’ll have a review up soon for a band called Moving Mountains. The album, Pneuma, is only available digitally right now. I remember somebody describing them as Brand New gone post-rock and I thought that was fairly accurate. Also sounds like they have listened to a lot of Appleseed Cast in their lifetime which certainly ain’t a bad thing.

– Oh, and check out The Rowboats. My boy Mitchell just joined this duo on bass guitar. I’m listening to the album as I type…impressive stuff. I’ll have a review up shortly. Meanwhile, you can download the following tracks:

The Rowboats – Vivion (mp3)

The Rowboats – Eyes Closed (mp3)

– Go to these sites, they are frequent reads for me:

Jump In The Ocean – Always an entertaining and interesting read. Say hello to Maritza for me.

QCLA – “Hollywood” Brian talks about music and what not. He’s a hardcore blogger.

Indie HQ – It’s all about the Indie music business…for geeks like me.

Daytrotter – New exclusive music by great indie bands every week. What more could you ask for?

Scene, Not Heard – My buddy Mattison’s newish blog. Maybe if you bug him he will update it more.

As always, any comments, suggestions or recommendations are welcomed. Thanks for reading.



  1. thanks for the shout out. i also (without modesty) suggest you read QCLA… i also suggest that you vote democrat, go green, stop wearing fur and listen to will when he speaks.

  2. The Rosebuds are spectacular and the Winter Sounds are super cool.

  3. Hey! Thanks for the link, Buddy!

  4. Cool feature, it’d be nice to see more of them in the future.

  5. yay! traffic increase!

  6. Woohoo everybody! Thanks for stopping by. I’m gonna bring back the musings. Probably will be a weekly thingy.

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