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Hotpipes “Hotpipes” (Liquid Panda)


Hotpipes are an impressive rock band from Nashville, Tennessee. The band plays a diverse mixture of indie rock, art-rock and post-punk. The Hotpipes’ sound falls squarely in the middle of those three genres. The band possesses an admirable sense of adventure and they add to it the mature composition skills of a band like The Walkmen. All these elements add up to make Hotpipes self-titled album a memorable one.

Musically, Hotpipes sounds remarkably tight and creative throughout the album. The band is quite adept at building moods and creating textures much like the aforementioned Walkmen. “Song For The Late Riser” is quite a noticeable track as the drums bring the song in before the unique vocals of Jon Rogers join in. The drums and Rogers’ vocals continue to carry the song until horns come in at the end to finish it off. Horns actually show up on a few tracks and they work well in adding some spice to the band’s mainly sparse musical arrangements. While Hotpipes’ arrangements might be considered minimal, there is a sense of playful ambition that runs throughout the album. That playfulness reminds me of earlier Clinic material. Rogers’ vocals are also quite similar in tone to Clinic’s Ade Blackburn. Never does Hotpipes’ ambition sacrifice the songs themselves though. There is a warm sensibility in the way the band’s music comes across. “Women Of The World Agree” and “Much Too” continue to show the band’s unique ability to create more from less. “Test Song” is a nice intimate and instrumentally bare tune that showcases Rogers’ strong vocals. “Test Song” flows right into “Starter Kit” which is absolutely infectious as the whole band seems to be shouting along in unison. “Lota Lee” is a dark and hypnotic song. It is a beautiful ballad which really showcases how talented Rogers is as a vocalist in creating a certain mood. It also shows off how remarkable the band is at creating a musical backdroop to frame his vocals.

Hotpipes have created an intriguing and rewarding album here. It is an album that should appeal to a broad range of people throughout the indie rock scene. Whether those people who would love it actually get to hear it is the only real question. So, do your duty and tell somebody about Hotpipes.

RIYL: Clinic, The Walkmen, French Kicks


Hotpipes – Song For The Late Riser (mp3)

Hotpipes – Lota Lee (mp3)


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