Posted by: will | February 24, 2007

Dylan Gilbert…

Dylan Gilbert “The Artist& The Scientist” (Self-Released)


Dylan Gilbert is a young singer/songwriter from Charlotte, NC. The Artist & The Scientist is Gilbert’s first full-length effort. For such a young artist, Gilbert is standing on his own two feet and making some honorable music here. Gilbert plays understated indie/pop with some nice instrumental flourishes along the way. Gilbert’s talent is obvious in the fact that he plays a wealth of instrumentation on the album. However, Gilbert’s songwriting has not yet caught up with his talent as a musician. Gilbert goes back and forth between uptempo full band songs and more instrumentally bare tracks that feature his lone vocals. Too many times though, the songs on The Artist & The Scientist seem to drift into each other rarely distinguishing themselves from each other. It is the full band songs that show the most promise here. However, Gilbert’s vocals are just not at the point where they can carry a song yet. He needs the instrumental accents that the fuller songs provide. The Artist & The Scientist is certainly a pleasant listen and Dylan Gilbert is a promising young artist. He has the talent and the ability to become something special in the future. He’s just not quite there yet.

RIYL: Elliott Smith, Bright Eyes, Death Cab For Cutie


Dylan Gilbert – Had It All (mp3)



  1. at least charlotte has a dylan gilbert.

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