Posted by: will | February 23, 2007

The One AM Radio…

The One AM Radio “This Too Will Pass” (Dangerbird)

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The One AM Radio is the project of Hrishikesh Hirway. The One AM Radio play beautifully dark indie pop with some electronic flourishes. Hirway’s last record came out on the punk/hardcore label Level Plane. The One AM Radio is actually well-known for playing eclectic DIY punk/hardcore shows. Because of this, Hirway and The One AM Radio have built up a nice fanbase in the underground. However, it’s appropriate that The One AM Radio finally makes the jump to a bigger label in Dangerbird for his new album, This Too Will Pass.

“Harvest” starts off the album and is a slow folk-pop number that brings to mind the great Nick Drake. As “In The Time We Got” kicks in you realize it sounds like a long lost Elliott Smith gem. It is the obvious choice as the first single as it is achingly familiar. “Lest I Forget” is a subtle beauty of a song. A repetive drumbeat bubbles under the surface as Hirway’s vocals gently lull you in and the song ends in a blare of glorious trumpets. “You Can Still Run” is a gorgeous song until you realize the dark lyrical imagery that Hirway is conveying. “Fires” is an interesting track that sticks out among the other songs. The beginning crescendo of drums and vocal effects gives way to Hirway’s lone voice before building back up again as the song closes. “The Echoing Airports” is an endearing, yet sad track about relationships and people that come and go via airports. This Too Will Pass does a fine job of creating a universal mood. Songs fit perfectly into each other and Hirway continues to make beautiful albums.

There is nothing that stands out too differently on This Too Will Pass from Hirway’s older work. Hirway’s music remains brilliant in its uniformity and subtle in its brilliance. Hopefully This Too Will Pass will open Hirway and The One AM Radio up to a broader fanbase. Fans of dark indie pop music should have a new favorite artist.

RIYL: Elliott Smith, Mark Kozelek, Nick Drake


The One AM Radio – In The Time We Got (mp3)

The One AM Radio – Lest I Forget (mp3)



  1. another good one! I’ve gots lots to catch up on here. Again, thanks for the good wishes. I’m just about all better now.

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