Posted by: will | February 23, 2007

Bloc Party “I Still Remember” Video…

The new Bloc Party album, A Weekend In The City, took a little while to grow on me. However, it truly is a fantastic album and eschews any sophmore slump. “I Still Remember” is the first single.

I had to update this post cause the video link wasn’t working for some reason. It was also called to my attention that the Bloc Party site has the lyrics and meanings of the songs on A Weekend In The City up on their site.

You can see the lyrics and the true meaning behind “I Still Remember” here. It is certainly an interesting perspective and one I would have never thought the song was coming from. Take a look.



  1. you are right on about this cd. it is a definite grower. i actually just picked it up today after streaming the crap out of it. i love it.

  2. aren’t you glad i do my research?

  3. i thought ‘the prayer’ was the first song off ‘a weekend in the city’

  4. Yeah, I think “The Prayer” was actually the first single.

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