Posted by: will | February 22, 2007

Against Me! “White People For Peace” Live Video…

Here is a live video of a brand new Against Me! song called “White People For Peace” which I assume will be on the band’s upcoming major label debut. It’s not too shabby. Although seeing this band on a big stage just seems wrong.



  1. Don’t be an ass dude. A band this good deserves to be huge. If more people want to see them play live then it’s only fair for them to play on a bigger stage.

    Im sick of people judging this band because their not lame anarchist’s anymore.

  2. Hmmm…I didn’t know I was judging them. More power to them…frankly, I could care less.

    I’ve seen this band play in sweaty dives and it was amazing. I don’t really want to experience them in big clubs though…just not for me.

  3. I am in this video and let me tell you they are so fucking good live.
    I’m going to see them again on the 20th of March its going to be so fucking good.

  4. Against Me is so powerful. They have an optomistic outlook and can impact peoples lives. It’s not fair to hog that experiance, to blame the band for being on a big stage.. What kind of fan is that? If a person is in to the band because of the actual music they created and the feeling that was created than they would be happy to share that passion with everyone around them. An Against Me album is almost always playing in my room and because of that when ever people come over my house I make them listen to it as well, even if it isn’t there “type of music”

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