Posted by: will | February 20, 2007

Shook Ones…

Shook Ones “Facetious Folly Feet” (Revelation)


If you have been missing Kid Dynamite or Lifetime (although you have a new album to listen to now) not too worry. Shook Ones are quite dedicated to take you back in time and give you those same warm and fuzzy anthemic feelings. The band makes no qualms about their obvious influences. Frankly, how could they? Lifetime or Kid Dynamite could apply for copyright infringement if they really wanted to. Getting that out of the way, Shook Ones are certainly not the most original band. Damnit though, they put on a rocking good time. Eleven songs of poppy hardcore in just over 23 minutes is a certain recipe for success. Facetious Folly Feet does show some growth from the band’s past efforts though. There is more variation in tempo and the songwriting seems to have expanded quite a bit. Lyrics delve into more serious topics as well. There is something so endearing about the honesty that emanates from this music. Shook Ones have created an album that pays tribute to their influences while also managing to rise above those influences. The band has created an album that is truly relevant in the present tense.

RIYL: Lifetime, Kid Dynamite, Descendents


Shook Ones – Pheasant (mp3)

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