Posted by: will | February 19, 2007

Dustin Kensrue…

Dustin Kensrue “Please Come Home” (Equal Vision)

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Dustin Kensrue is best known for his work with the talented post-hardcore band Thrice. Kensrue is the lead singer, lyricist, and guitarist for the popular band. However, Kensrue’s first solo album is a far cry from the meaty sounds of Thrice. On Please Come Home, Kensrue opts for a simple country/folk rock approach. While this is a nice collection of songs and I am sure a welcome change of pace for the artist, Kensrue would be better off sticking with Thrice. Much of the songs on Please Come Home come across as generic and simply fall flat in the memorable department. You get the feeling Kensrue is going for the rustic sounds of Johnny Cash but his pop style actually falls more in line with artists like Ryan Adams and David Gray. The songs are too nice and far too polished for my tastes in regards to this style of music. Too often the songs feel lacking in a real depth or honesty as well. I do commend Kensrue for stepping outside of his element and for hopefully opening up some kids to this style of music though. Please Come Home is certainly not a bad effort from a fine musician. However, in regards to his peers, like Tim Barry, Drag The River or Chuck Ragan, this is regrettably lightweight stuff.

RIYL: Ryan Adams, David Gray, Limbeck


Dustin Kensrue – I Knew You Before (mp3)


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