Posted by: will | February 16, 2007



Dartz! “This Is My Ship” (Xtra Mile)

(This Record has only been released in Europe. You can purchase via the following: Banquet Records : HMV : Play : Amazon : iTunes)

Sometimes an album just comes along and flat out knocks you on your ass! This Is My Ship is one of those albums. Dartz! combine so many awesome elements it is hard to even put a finger on what makes them so special. First, and foremost the band writes great songs that are truly infectious. I am hesitant to say the songs are dancey cause that would seem to sell them short. Whatever it is, this band will make your body move. Second, the band can flat out play. This band could go up against the best math rock bands and put them to shame. However, the band never bores with their instrumental prowess or lets it overtake the songs themselves. Third, is quite simple. This band and This Is My Ship are fun as hell.

The album starts off with “Network! Network! Network!” which really covers all the aspects that make Dartz! so special. It, like much of the album, packs a nervous energy that is completely infectious. The wild abandon that emanated from Q And Not U’s great debut album, No Kill No Beep Beep is replicated here by Dartz! to a high degree. On “A Simple Hypothetical” and “Harbour” you can certainly see that influence as the band seems to be having a blast playing these songs. The noodley guitar tones on “Once, Twice, Again!”, “Cool Holidays” and “Laser Eyes” sounds remarkably akin to Minus The Bear. Much like Minus The Bear, the instrumental intricacies of the band are warm and inviting…certainly not off-putting by any means. While this band can run circles around you with their musicianship they can also straight up rock your ass off which they do several times over on This Is My Ship. “Prego Triangolos” and “Teach Me To Dance” sound like the best songs The Rapture never wrote. You simply have no pulse if these songs do not make you get up and dance. There is also an emotional element to the band’s songs that recall the great Dismemberment Plan as well as Bloc Party. These are not just hollow dancey indie rock songs. There is much more to Dartz! than that.

Dartz! is a rare band. Bands like this simply do not come around very often. Dartz! expertly combine all their memorable elements into such a remarkably tight package. Quite frankly, it is jaw-dropping to witness. The fact that This Is My Ship is the band’s debut full-length album is just mind-boggling to me. I am absolutely giddy about the future.

RIYL: Q And Not U, Minus The Bear, Bloc Party


Dartz! – Laser Eyes (mp3)

Dartz! – Harbour (mp3)

Dartz! – Once, Twice, Again! (video)



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