Posted by: will | February 14, 2007

Strike Anywhere…

Strike Anywhere “Dead FM” (Fat Wreck Chords)


If any band’s sound fit into the Fat Wreck Chords mold, Strike Anywhere was it. So, it was certainly no surprise that the band signed to Fat Wreck Chords for their third album, Dead FM. The group’s first two records came out on Jade Tree. Not much has really changed with the group’s sound on Dead FM. The band still plays razor sharp pop-influenced melodic hardcore with strong political and social lyrical imagery. Dead FM just polishes the rough edges a little bit. Lead singer’s Thomas Barnett’s impassioned screamy vocals are the band’s true calling card. Unlike most political bands, Strike Anywhere leaves no stone unturned with their lyrical daggers. The band attacks political and social norms and screams for change. All the while, the band keeps the music short and compact. The songs are so incredibly catchy and anthemic. You will find yourself singing along before you even realize the lyrics are discussing politcal prisoners in Guantanamo. Props to Strike Anywhere for the passion and sincerity that still so boldy rings out from the band’s music. Dead FM is yet another strong album from a band that I am sure will still be singing for change for years to come.

RIYL: Rise Against, Good Riddance, The Explosion


Strike Anywhere – Prisoner Echoes (mp3)

Strike Anywhere – Instinct (mp3)


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