Posted by: will | February 13, 2007

Album Of The Day – Andrew Bird…

Andrew Bird “Armchair Apocrypha” (Fat Possum)

– I am sitting at home right now feeling nauseous from getting a wisdom tooth pulled this morning and trying not to gag on my gauze. Lovely I know. Anyway, Andrew Bird’s new album, “Armchair Apocrypha”, is keeping me company. People who are ridiculously talented piss me off. Needless, to say Andrew Bird is one of those people. But, I seriously love his music…it’s off the hook as the kiddies like to say. The man who delivered my favorite album of 2005 has returned with another stellar record. I’ll have a review up closer to the album’s March 20th release date. I’m off to the couch.

Listen: Andrew Bird – Heretics (mp3)



  1. sweet, dude… i get to get all 4 taken out over my spring break. fuck daytona beach, i’m going to the oral surgeon!
    btw, the Dino Jr. album is awesome.

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