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Lifetime “Lifetime” (Decaydance/Fueled By Ramen)

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This is a surreal review that I write at this moment. Never did I think I would be writing a review for Lifetime, one of my all-time favorite bands. The band broke up before the release of their last album, 1997’s Jersey’s Best Dancers. However, Lifetime performed some reunion shows in 2005 and 2006 and the band decided the time was right to reunite and record new material. Ten years later we see the release of the band’s self-titled Lifetime album.

A brief history lesson…Lifetime has inspired a generation of bands for better or worse. In a recent blog posting guitarist Dan Yemin decribes the band’s diverse tastes as the “Same weird mix of Gorilla Biscuits, Jawbreaker, Green Day, Elvis Costello & the Attractions, 7 Seconds, Dag Nasty. Same less-obvious-but-no-less-intense obsessions with the Smiths, the Cure, Superchunk, Weezer.” So, it is no surprise Lifetime’s patented brand of poppy hardcore gems has led to many bands trying to follow and/or rip off Lifetime. Most have failed, some have gone on to produce some meaningful music though. However, Lifetime are the kings but reunion albums are skeptical to say the least. The band has come back full circle to reclaim their rightful throne. So, how did it all turn out?

Lifetime’s self-titled reunion album sounds remarkably similar to the band that left us high and dry ten years ago. The record clocks in at 11 songs and 23 minutes. The immediate and poppy vocals of Ari Katz are front and center. Katz’s vocals come off as fairly similar to his 90’s production but perhaps a little smoother. Overall, the music sounds a bit more poppy. To put it simply, there is more emphasis on the pop and less on the hardcore. Some fans will certainly turn up their nose at that fact. The band still sounds as tight and playful as ever though. These are certainly not the same five guys that left us. Life has changed for them and life has certainly changed for Lifetime. However, both lyrically and musically, the band bridges the gaps between 1997 and 2007 remarkably well. Everything here sounds perfectly natural and never forced in the least bit. I think the majority of the old fans will be into this and many new kids will learn the magic of Lifetime. While the album might lack some of the raw urgency of the band’s earlier work it is still a strong and confident effort that shows the passion of these five guys still remains intact ten years later.

I recall blasting Jersey’s Best Dancers probably more than any other album in 1997. That was my freshman year in college and I can still vividly remember driving to my classes as this album was playing on my car stereo. That album will forever be etched into my mind. It holds a significant place for me. I can recall everything about my life as that album was playing daily. Does Lifetime live up to it? Frankly, no, it does not and I did not expect it to. I am not sure the band could have produced an album that made me feel that same way. The reunion album does absolutely nothing to embarass the band and their legacy though…in fact, if anything, it cements it. Lifetime has returned and they have exceeded my expectations. This album rekindles the spirit of the band and their music.

RIYL: 7 Seconds, Gorilla Biscuits, Green Day


Lifetime – Airport Monday Morning (mp3)

Lifetime – Haircuts And T-Shirts (mp3)



  1. Am I obligated to like them because of the Jersey references? If so, I like them much more than let’s say, Bon Jovi and twice as much as Bruce Springspleen.

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  4. Guys do you really think that people would write such things about their personal life? Don’t lie to yourself!

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