Posted by: will | February 7, 2007


Saosin “Saosin” (Capitol)


Nu-emo? It’s a term that makes me cringe when I hear it. All you have to do is pick up the latest copy of Alternative Press and you can get an idea of what that term is all about. Kids in womens jeans with perfect hair singing about broken hearts. It’s enough to make one want to go out and knock some sense into the younger generation. That’s why Saosin is such an enigma. When describing the band’s sound to a friend all I could think of was the term nu-emo. It’s a scary and unjust term for Saosin to be labeled as cause the band is in a far different league than their peers. I could tell that when I listened to the band for the first time years ago. Saosin are to nu-emo as the Deftones are to nu-metal…two bands whose talent deserves a better genre label.

For such a young band (in terms of releases), Saosin has gone through some radical changes already. Because of that the band took over three years to relase this, their debut full-length record. In that time they changed singers after their Translating The Name EP. Former singer Anthony Green now leads the band Circa Survive. Many thought the departure of Green would be Saosin’s demise. Far from the truth though, Saosin is a remarkable debut record for the band. The band’s songwriting is straightforward, anthemic and hard hitting. Led by the outstanding vocals of new singer Cove Reber the band blasts through twelve melodic songs with remarkable power and poise. The band stays far away from the theatrics and useless screaming of most bands that clutter up this genre and others like it. They simply let their songs speak for themselves and it turns out to be quite a powerful statement made.

Saosin would be well-suited to add a little more variation in their songwriting in the future. As good as these twelve songs are they do tend to blend together at times. That’s really only a small complaint though. This is just the first step for the band and it is certainly an impressive one. The band has the talent to make themselves into an incredible (and mainstream) rock band. Do those still exist anymore? I am intrigued by where this band will go from here. Bottom line…more kids should be listening to Saosin.

RIYL: Further Seems Forever, Finch, Circa Survive


Saosin – Voices (mp3)

Saosin – Bury Your Head (mp3)



  1. gnu-emo?
    I can see the attraction but everything just sounds too perfect. It hardly seems real.

  2. i do agree with you court in that the slickness of the record does do the band a bit of a disservice. but, in the end the musicianship and vocals are impressive and the band simply writes good songs.

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