Posted by: will | February 6, 2007

Nicole Atkins…


Nicole Atkins & The Sea “Bleeding Diamonds EP” (Red Ink/Columbia)

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It’s funny cause I’ve actually seen Nicole Atkins perform back when I lived in Charlotte but I had no idea she had gone and got herself signed to Columbia and was named one of Rolling Stones 10 Artists to Watch. Don’t let that scare you off though…even Rolling Stone gets it right on occasion. If Bleeding Diamonds is any indication, you will be hearing a lot more from Nicole Atkins and for good reason.

Bleeding Diamonds conists of six exquisite pop songs. The songs are dark and smart and have a tendency to float in your head long after your last listen. It’s no surprise to see that Atkins once spent time in an alt-country band. Her vocals owe a lot to past country singers like Loretta Lynn and Patsy Cline. I have also seen quite a few mentions of Roy Orbison in Atkins’ press and I find it to be a fascinating comparison. Atkins and Orbison have a very distintive vocal quality in common. Atkins seems to have that rare Orbison quality of carrying notes out and up to levels you simply do not expect. Atkins writes all the songs but her backing band (The Sea) should get some well-deserved credit here. Atkins songs are beautifully accentuated with rich instrumentation and an unmistakable power. Atkins is still the star of the show though. She carries the songs with her amazing vocal prowess and deft lyrical imagery.

It’s exciting to see an artist as genuinely talented as Atkins getting some major name recognition. I sincerely hope she finds her niche and does not get lost in the major label shuffle. Atkins is an artist that deserves to be heard. Impressively enough, Bleeding Diamonds is only her first small step.

RIYL: Neko Case, Martha Wainwright, Roy Orbison


Nicole Atkins & The Sea – Carouselle (mp3)

Nicole Atkins – Neptune City (video)



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