Posted by: will | February 6, 2007

Myspace Bands…

So, I get a fair amount of messages from bands/artists on Myspace. I rarely take the time to actually listen though. But, I thought I would finally go clean up my Myspace mail inbox (some of these messages are close to a year old). I went back and gave some cursory listens to the bands/artists that sent me a message. Most of them were mediocre to bad but there were a few bands/artists that stood out. Here they are:

The Exit Strategy – This Buffalo, NY band’s new album is produced by J. Robbins (Channels, Burning Airlines, Jawbox) so that gives them some credibility right off the bat. The band plays excellent mathy indie rock with some great musicianship. Fans of Q And Not U and Robbins’ bands will dig for sure.

Goddamn Electric Bill – Not only do I love the name, this is some great instrumental music out of San Diego. It’s ambient, electronic chilled out post-rock. It’s a one man show too…impressive indeed.

Backyard Tire Fire – Alt-country band from Bloomington, Illinois. Akin to Drive-By Truckers and Wilco with maybe a little more pop influence thrown in.

Morsmordre – This is great electronic instrumental stuff from Lafayette, Louisiana of all places. Very glitchy and almost techno sounding at times. I’m loving this.

The Fire Still Burns – This band hails from Jersey and includes some older guys who have been in a bunch of notable bands. They play tight melodic hardcore with catchy vocals. Solid stuff!

Amiga – This is great electronic pop from the UK. Maybe like what Pinback would sound like if they leaned more heavily on electronics.

So, go listen! I promise I’ll check my Myspace mail more closer from now on.



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  2. […] this year, I briefly wrote about Backyard Tire Fire here. Unfortunately, I never pursued the album so no such follow up was done. So, it was to my surprise […]

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