Posted by: will | February 2, 2007


Woods “At Rear House” (Shrimper)

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When reviewing Woods last album here, I made the comment that I would love to see the band’s songs put on a greater production scale. While the muddy lo-fi-ness of their first album added a certain charm, I felt it robbed the songs of their overall potential. Well, Woods has returned with At Rear House and it stands as a marked improvement.

While still remaining true to their lo-fi values, At Rear House does show off a little more sheen. Gone are the feedback-laced instrumentals and the distorted vocal howl. Only a few times does the band fall into their experimental weirdness habit. The band has noticeably put a greater emphasis on songwriting and creating moods with their songs. Album opener “Don’t Pass On Me” is a remarkable song. I have found myself singing the song at all hours of the day. It’s a sly pop tune masked as a dark lo-fi indie rock song. The band revisits “Keep It On” off the band’s first album and it’s understandable as it’s a fantastic and memorable song. “Bone Tapper” is another song that that keeps with the dark lyrical imagery the band has created.

At Rear House is a far superior album to Woods first album. The album has more of a uniform feel to it. It finds the band realizing their potential. It will certainly be interesting to see where the band goes from here. Will the band continue down the lo-fi path or maybe head to the studio for the next album? Either way, I will be looking forward to it.

RIYL: Sebadoh, Modest Mouse, The Mountain Goats


Woods – Keep It On (mp3)

Woods – Bone Tapper (mp3)

Woods – Don’t Pass On Me (video)


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