Posted by: will | February 2, 2007

Nicole Atkins “Neptune City” Video…

Nicole Atkins is an extremely talented singer/songwriter. Review for her Bleeding Diamonds EP will be up next week. Tis very impressive stuff.



  1. I like the song more because of the video. I wonder if the song is able to stand on its own? It’s dreamy and reminds me of Coney Island here in NYC but without the hood-lums, ya know?

  2. When will the review be up? I just saw Nicole last night in Red Bank; it was my fourth time seeing her live, and, as always, she was sensational.

  3. review is up right here.

  4. well- i directed the video and i must say that i was really inspired by the music and the lyrics. nicole is a really big talent and you’ll be hearing alot more from her in the future.

  5. nicely done david!

  6. […] Nicole Atkins – Neptune City (video) […]

  7. […] Nicole Atkins – Neptune City (video) […]

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