Posted by: will | January 31, 2007

Tim Barry…


Tim Barry “Rivanna Junction” (Suburban Home)


Tim Barry fronts the hardcore band Avail who hail from Richmond, VA. I have been a huge fan of Avail since hearing the band’s landmark album Dixie way back in 1994. The band still ranks high up there for putting on the best live shows. Avail plays melodic hardcore with a dirty southern rock style. So, it is no surprise how rustic Tim Barry’s debut solo effort, Rivanna Junction sounds. What is surprising is how confident and accomplished this record sounds. Barry’s first release showed promise but I’d be lying if I said I thought it foreshadowed Rivanna Junction.

Avail has not released a record since 2002’s Front Porch Stories. It’s obviously given Barry time to work on his own material outside of the band and it’s been time well spent. Rivanna Junction is the work of a common man who knows his faults and limitations. It’s got that Southern charm that has made Avail so unique within the hardcore scene. Barry’s rather obvious influential touchstones are artists like Steve Earle, Woody Guthrie and Bruce Springsteen. This is not polished music. It’s dirty and imperfect. Barry surely will not wow you with his lyrical prowess…he just frankly tells it like it is. The ten songs on Rivanna Junction convey a simpleness and honesty that is a rare thing in music today. It is remarkably refreshing to say the least. The album is a little more full than I expected as Barry opts to add some nice instrumental touches on the album. From upright bass to harmonica to piano to violin the instruments add a little weight to Barry’s dark tales. Not all songs on Rivanna Junction are dark though. There are some beautiful songs here that show a side to Barry that has never really been seen before.

Rivanna Junction has knocked me on my ass…much like Avail did over ten years ago. It’s a brutally honest album. You can tell these songs ARE Tim Barry. They run through his veins just like blood. Rivanna Junction is an album you can sit back and really feel deep down inside. Barry’s not just writing songs here…he is a story teller and he is exercising his demons on tape for all of us to hear.

RIYL: Steve Earle, Bruce Springsteen, Drag The River


Tim Barry – Church Of Level Track (mp3)

Tim Barry – Avoiding Catatonic Surrender (mp3)

Tim Barry – Wait At Milano (video)



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