Posted by: will | January 30, 2007

Rob Crow…

Rob Crow “Living Well” (Temporary Residence)

Buy it at Insound!

Rob Crow is an exceptionally prolific musician who has involved himself in tons of bands and projects but he is probably best known for his work as one half of the duo Pinback. If you are familiar with the brand of melodic indie-pop that Pinback plays than Living Well will be a definite welcome addition. The majority of the songs here sound incredibly similar to Pinback in mood and tempo. While that is certainly not surprising one has to wonder what the point was for Crow to create a solo album that resembles his work in Pinback so much. It’s especially curious when his past solo albums and other projects have been so diverse and eclectic. The only real difference on Living Well in comparison to Pinback is that the songs here, for the most part, have a less-produced and looser feel overall. While there are certainly a number of fine songs on Living Well I can not get past the fact that it seems Crow is simply being far too conservative here. Perhaps I set myself up for disappointment by expecting too much. Either way, if you are a fan of Pinback there is a lot to like here. Many of these songs would fit in quite nicely on the next Pinback album. So, if you are missing Pinback and need a fix, Rob Crow’s Living Well will do the trick.

RIYL: Pinback, Elliott Smith, Sebadoh


Rob Crow – I Hate You (Single Version) (mp3)


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