Posted by: will | January 29, 2007

The Earlies…

The Earlies “The Enemy Chorus” (Secretly Canadian)

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The Enemy Chorus is a strikingly different album compared to The Earlies’ debut album These Were The Earlies. The album shows an experimental side to the band’s songwriting rarely touched upon on their debut which was a fairly straightforward affair. Electronics play a big part in the band’s new found sound and I must say it is somewhat off-putting at first. It does not seem to match up with the band’s brand of indie pop/rock. But, I decided to go along for the ride anyway.

The Enemy Chorus sounds fabulous. It’s full and rich with varied instrumentation and production. There is a krautrock influence on the band that is often mentioned. It seeps into the band’s music much more on The Enemy Chorus. It is reminiscent of the way a band like Wilco has incorporated krautrock techniques. There are some interesting ideas and great songs on The Enemy Chorus. However, at times it seems the band is trying to impress you with their record collection rather than focusing on the songs themselves. The band dips their feet into so many different musical waters it is hard to keep up with. Too often the band chooses to bury their songs with difficult arrangements, overabundant instrumentation or excessive production ideas. The album is impressive in its scope but it is also enough to drive the listener mad.

The Earlies are certainly a talented band. The Enemy Chorus proves just that. However, the album also proves The Earlies still have farther to go. The band is still searching for that right combination. Perhaps The Enemy Chorus was the album The Earlies needed to make to find it.

RIYL: The Beta Band, Grandaddy, Wilco


The Earlies – When The Wind Blows (mp3)

The Earlies – No Love In Your Heart (mp3)

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