Posted by: will | January 19, 2007

and The Swede…

and The Swede “and The Swede” (Shoddy Merchandise)

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Matthew William Kohnle is The Swede. Kohnle wrote, performed and recorded this album and it is a project that took over two years to complete. It certainly shows as the record boasts a mature and rich sound. The arrangements and wealth of instrumentation on the album make for a nice listen and speak to Kohnle’s obvious talents. The attention to detail is certainly impressive as well. Kohnle’s influences range from pop artists like Nick Drake and Jim O’ Rourke. I can also see a likeness in The Swede with a contemporary artist like E from The Eels. Both make pop music for people off the beaten path. My only complaint is that the record sounds a little to safe at times. The album suffers from a lack of personality as well. The songs tend to blend together and lose their individual traits as they are played one after the other. Unfortunately, Kohnle waits til the last song on the record, cleverly titled “The Last Song On This Record”, to add some much needed variation in the album’s overall slower tempo. However, I doubt Kohnle’s intention was to really grab the listener with these songs. It seems The Swede set out to make a warm, comfortable pop record. For better or worse, Kohnle has done just that.

RIYL: Nick Drake, The Eels, Jim O’ Rourke


and The Swede – The Director (mp3)


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