Posted by: will | January 18, 2007

The Ackleys…


The Ackleys “Forget Forget Derive Derive” (House Of Love)


I swear more girls should be fronting poppy punk bands. It would make the world a much better place in my opinion. For me, this sound goes back to the wonderful but criminally underrated Gainesville, FL band Discount. That was the first pop-punk band that really floored me with a female vocalist. Ever since their break-up I continue to search and search for something to remind me of that band’s greatness. Well, there are a few bands who are making Discount proud currently (Lemuria and Fifth Hour Hero come to mind). The Ackleys join that list and shoot right to the top. What’s so great about these three bands is the fact that they are all doing their own thing. You have Fith Hour Hero falling on the punk side, Lemuria on the emo side and now The Ackleys on the poppier side.

Forget Forget Derive Derive is five songs of pop bliss and it’s remarkably strong for such a young band (half the band members are still in high school). The band should be commended for writing such smart tunes. These are not cheesy love songs with cheap hooks. These are songs that sneak up on you and get stuck in your head. These are songs that beg for repeat listens. The standout feature of the band are the irresistable vocals and words of Katie Crutchfield. She has a voice that’s easy to fall for and lyrically she is quite talented. The keyboards really add another dimension to the band’s pop-punk as well. All five songs are winners here with “7 Days” being an absolute gem of a song.

The only complaint I have with Forget Forget Derive Derive is the album’s brevity. It is too damn short! I want to see this band live! I want more and I want it now! For now though, I’ll settle for the big dumb smile I get when listening to these songs.

(The CD packaging consists of a homemade decorated cardboard sleeve…really cool and DIY! The CD also contains a couple cool entertaining Quicktime videos in addition to it’s five songs. Definitely worth the purchase!)

RIYL: Discount, Lemuria, Fifth Hour Hero


The Ackleys – 7 Days (mp3)



  1. You’re right. This is some truely triumphant music. Another score!!!

    You know it is what pop music would sound like….if it had a soul.

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