Posted by: will | January 17, 2007

Ghost Buffalo…

Ghost Buffalo “Ghost Buffalo” (Suburban Home)


I don’t usually review albums that come out so long ago but I felt a duty to let people know about this band. Ghost Buffalo are from Denver, CO and they released their self-titled debut almost a year ago. The band plays great country rock with beautiful female vocals. This band simply deserves to be heard.

The vocals of Marie Litton lead the way for Ghost Buffalo. Her deep, strong voice reminds one of Neko Case. The music combined with Litton’s vocals make for a remarkably strong combination. The songs range from slower, more somber numbers to more bombastic rocking numbers. Lyrically, the band stays fairly constant. This is dark and downtrodden music that comes across as just plain gorgeous. Country purists will find something to like here as will more alt-country fans as well. Guitarist Matt Bellinger once did time in the emo/hardcore band Planes Mistaken For Stars. So, the band should not be undersold as they provide some beautiful and rocking music for Litton’s vocals.

Ghost Buffalo have provided a strong and powerful debut album to build on. At times the songs runs together but that rarely takes away from the album’s overall strength. With a little more variation and Litton’s vocal prowess this band is capable of big things. They just need to be heard.

RIYL: Neko Case, Gillian Welch, Lucero


Ghost Buffalo – Ruin Everything (mp3)

Ghost Buffalo – Your World (mp3)



  1. I’m so glad that you finally reviewed them. I love this album!

  2. dont’ really hear the neko case comparison on “Your World” — i hear Elizabeth Elmore (Sarge, The Reputation).

    keep up the great work.

  3. […] BTW, even though the album was released almost a year ago, it very recently received a pretty glowing review on this music blog. […]

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