Posted by: will | January 17, 2007

Cutest Girls Of Indie Rock – Lisa Lobsinger…

Lisa Lobsinger (Broken Social Scene)

Here’s another new feature. When I saw Broken Social Scene in October I was expecting to see Feist or Emily Haines sing the female parts. Instead, it was Lisa and I was mesmerized by her (and her hair). Gorgeous.



  1. You know. She is cute. But those lips are right up on that microphone. Do you know what kind of germs can accumulate on a mic?

  2. she’s cute. for sure. but feist is my girl. i’d take neko case too.

  3. court, i did not know you were such a germophobe!

    mitchell don’t ruin the next hundred volumes of “the cutest girls of indie rock”…perhaps feist and neko case will make appearances.

  4. will, i’m offended at your objectification of women!

    (p.s. please post nudes)

  5. i’ve been waiting for someone to call me out on my objectification of women. i was kinda hoping it was gonna be a woman though! damnit!

  6. It is funny how this topic gets the most posts. Four dweebs talking about women.

  7. who you callin’ a dweeb??!! i’m all man baby!!

  8. where the girls at?

  9. first of all, you boys are funny. lisa is cute. personally, i think she’s prettier than feist and emily haines. and yes, her hair is fun too!

  10. oh, and i just noticed the new banner…i like!

  11. Yeah kudos on the banner. Who designed it, that dweeb Mitchell?

  12. some indie hipster mofo that lives in nyc designed it.

  13. no more banner for you!

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