Posted by: will | January 15, 2007

Baby Calendar…

Baby Calendar “Gingerbread Dog” (Happy Happy Birthday To Me)


First, let me just say that I have no fondness whatsoever with music that is considered “twee” pop. Cute and happy music just has never really been my thing. So, it is with trepidation that I reviewed Baby Calendar’s latest release Gingerbread Dog. However, Baby Calendar are not your ordinary “twee” band and I was thankful for that. The band hails from Miami, FL (which is odd to say the least) and Gingerbread Dog is the band’s third full length record.

There is no denying that Baby Calendar possess much more depth in their songwriting than most bands lumped into the twee pop category. You can tell their influences aren’t just coming from that one particular genre. The album’s opening tracks “Zipped Up” and “Traffic In The Tropics” are proof of that as it sounds like a twee-emo pop (?) version of Rainer Maria. In fact, with the give and take between the male (Tom Gorrio) and female (Jackie Biver) vocals, many of the songs here remind me of a poppier version of Rainer Maria and that’s a pretty good thing in my book. “Laboratories” is just a great piece of songwriting that showcases the dual vocals that work so well for the band. “Lemon Snaps” is fairly close to being a straight up rock song. “Lunchbox” is decidedly the most twee track here as the harmonies and cute lyrics overwhelm you. And you know what? I like it. It’s a scary realization.

Baby Calendar have created their own little slice of a genre here. It’s 1/3 twee , 1/3 emo and 1/3 geek rock all rolled up into one. Fans of all of the genres listed above should find something to like on Gingerbread Dog. These guys and gal are damn good at what they do and it’s hard to not have respect for that.

RIYL: Rainer Maria, The Rentals, The Anniversary


Baby Calendar – Traffic In The Tropics (mp3)

Baby Calendar – Lemon Snaps (mp3)


  1. I have never heard of the word “twee” to describe music. I’ve heard “tween” as in-between a teen and a child, but never “twee.” I think I get what you’re describing, but if you could elaborate that’d be great.

  2. Hey Corey. Twee is a genre of music that really has a lot in common with indie pop but with more focus on the pop aspect.

    Bands like Mates of State and Belle And Sebastian have been referred to as twee pop.

    Check out Twee Pop on Wikipedia here or All Music here for a more detailed description.

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