Posted by: will | January 10, 2007

I Love Beer!

I keep thinking that one of these days music won’t excite me anymore. But, that’s not today! I got so much music to write about. So many great new bands…so many old bands that still kick my ass. I’m trying to catch up this week. Reviews and a bunch of stuff upcoming next week. I’m excited. It’s a new year with a bunch of great new releases upcoming! I’ll still be trying to review a bunch of stuff from the end of 2006 as well. I’m on music overload but that’s a good thing! I get more and more hits every day but still lack comments! Please leave comments! That would make me happy. I’ll be back on Monday I promise. Thanks for reading everyone! Spread the word. SAL in 2007! I love beer!



  1. Write more reviews you fucking lush!

  2. 4 more days of drinking then it’s back to reviews!

  3. Is that you?!

  4. yeah, that’s me maritza! duh?!

  5. I totally know the feeling. I’m usually wasting all my time with bands that still kick my ass from long ago. I can’t ever get enough of the good stuff. 🙂

  6. You must still be drinking that same bottle o’beer somewhere in South Cackalacky! Hury up with the reviews!

    Here’s a list from OG that I found:

    Avocado Club
    The Unicorns
    Our Lady of Bells
    Juana Molina
    Daylight’s For the Birds
    Jolie Holland
    The Little Ones

    These are bands, right?

  7. Thanks for the comment SkeptiC. While we might not have the same tastes, we do seem to have similar thoughts about music.

    Reviews are back Maritza and I’m sober again.

    About OG’s bands…

    Was never really crazy about The Unicorns. They are broken up now. Two guys from The Unicorns formed Islands who are really good. I’ve reviewed them and they made my year-end list as well.

    I’ve reviewed Jolie Holland. Not bad.

    Juana Molina is a Spanish singer/songwriter. She is good but I haven’t spent a lot of time with her stuff.

    I’ve heard of The Little Ones but the rest are new names to me.

  8. As long as these are bands and not “code” for whatever you kids are up to (see your photo) that I’d rather not know about now that she’s in college…

  9. hey, i drink more now that i’m out of college. so, does that make you feel better in regards to OG? hmmm…maybe not.

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