Posted by: will | January 4, 2007

Best Albums Of 2006 Part 3…

#20 mewithoutYou “Brother, Sister” (Tooth And Nail)


– This band just keeps getting better and better. For confusing genres…I’ll call it intellectual post-emotional hardcore.

#19 Aloha “Some Echoes” (Polyvinyl)


– How many bands create their best work four albums and seven years into their career? Not very many…but you can add Aloha to that list.

#18 Set Your Goals “Mutiny!” (Eulogy)


– West coast pop/punk with emo tendencies and hardcore breakdowns? Yup, so damn good! This album makes me smile and jump around like I’m 16 all over again!

#17 Built To Spill “You In Reverse” (Warner Bros.)


– A return to form? Pssh, I’m happy to just have a return period. This album is classic Built To Spill and that is good enough for a top twenty finish in my book.

#16 Electric President “Electric President” (Morr Music)


– Electro-pop at its finest. These guys could give The Postal Service a run for their money.

#15 Silversun Pickups “Carnavas” (Dangerbird)


– The return of the 90’s…Silversun Pickups took me back in time in a grand way.

#14 Calexico “Garden Ruin” (Quarterstick)


– For a band built on such complexities, Calexico’s simplest album was also their most moving.

#13 The Decemberists “The Crane Wife”(Capitol)


– Rarely does a high profile indie band sign with a major label and in turn release their finest album. Yet, The Decemberists did just that.

#12 Rocky Votolato “Makers” (Barsuk)


– It seems Rocky V. is destined to live in relative obscurity. The man writes beautifully sad songs. Is anybody listening? They certainly should be.

#11 Band Of Horses “Everything All The Time” (Sub Pop)


– While certainly not the most original album of 2006 (My Morning Jacket Jr. anyone?), this was still a hell of a debut. Band Of Horses flex some remarkable songwriting and it will be interesting to see what the band does next.


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