Posted by: will | January 3, 2007

Best Albums Of 2006 Part 2…

(Click on the album cover to read the review.)

#30 Latterman “…We Are Still Alive” (Deep Elm)


– While not as overly impressive and over the top posi as last year’s “No Matter Where We Go”, this album proves Latterman has more than a few tricks up their sleeve for the future.

#29 Sunset Rubdown “Shut Up I Am Dreaming” (Absolutely Kosher)


– Spencer Krug is one of the most unique and talented songwriters today.

#28 Moneen “The Red Tree” (Vagrant)


– Less dynamic and more straightforward than past efforts, yet, Moneen still sound miles ahead of their peers.

#27 The Black Heart Procession “The Spell” (Touch And Go)


– Accesibility meets the dark sounds of Black Heart Procession and it makes for the band’s most rewarding listen.

#26 Peter Bjorn And John “Writer’s Block” (Wichita)


– More time with this album would have probably seen it crack the top twenty. That being said, this is as fantastic an indie pop album as you will hear in 2006, or 2007 for that matter.

#25 The Brother Kite “Waiting For The Time To Be Right” (Clairecords)


– Power pop + Shoegazer = The Brother Kite

#24 The Falcon “Unicornography” (Red Scare)


– This is Brendan Kelly’s fourth recorded band and for the record they all rule. But, who is keeping track?

#23 Neko Case “Fox Confessor Brings The Flood” (Anti)


– Neko Case’s voice belongs in the another time and place. Simply gorgeous.

#22 Pyramids “Following The Tracks, Forcing Motion Through Phases” (Paramnesia/Slave Union)


– Pyramids have created a dark, aggresive and rewarding journey. You just have to be willing to go along for the ride.

#21 Beirut “Gulag Orkestar” (Ba Da Bing)


– Eastern European folk music mixed with indie rock? No doubt that Beirut’s Zach Condon is one of indie rock’s bright young stars.


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