Posted by: will | January 2, 2007

Best Albums Of 2006 Part 1…

(Click on the album cover to read the review.)

#40 The Hylozoists “La Fin Du Monde” (Boompa)


– Great album for fans of Stereolab. Probably deserved to be higher considering how much I listened to it.

#39 Islands “Return To The Sea” (Equator)


– Islands > Unicorns…nuff said.

#38 Anathallo “Floating World” (Artist Friendship/Nettwork America)


– This band is fascinating. A bit over the top? Sure, but if you have seen them live then you will have a deeper appreciation for this record.

#37 Tapes ‘n Tapes “The Loon” (XL Recordings)


– I have a feeling nobody will remember this band in a few years. But, in the meantime this is a damn good album and catchy as hell too.

#36 The Draft “In A Million Pieces” (Epitaph)


– I did not expect much from the new band containing 3/4 of Hot Water Music but I was pleasantly surprised. The Draft have created quite a debut record here.

#35 Eulcid “Hope: And Songs To Sing” (Exotic Fever)


– Beautiful swan song from one of the scene’s most underrated and underappreciated bands.

#34 Ratatat “Classics” (XL)


– While I did not find myself as enthralled with “Classics” as I did Ratatat’s debut record, this one still got a lot of repeat listens.

#33 The Loved Ones “Keep Your Heart” (Fat Wreck Chords)


– Smart, intelligent and simply rocking pop/punk! Go Fat Go!

#32 Chin Up Chin Up “This Harness Can’t Ride Anything” (Suicide Squeeze)


– Mathy emo-pop should not work this well and sound this good.

#31 Channels “Waiting For The Next End Of The World” (Dischord)


– I’m going to get a lot of heat for putting this so low. But it ranks this low simply because J. Robbins has set the bar so high for so long. Any fan of his former bands will love this though.


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