Posted by: will | December 27, 2006

Top 8 EPs of 2006…

You know what? I absolutely hate EPs! I think they are useless wastes of space most of the time. I mean why put out an EP when you can just as easily put out a full-length album with a little more work? Anyway, here are 8 EPs that weren’t all bad. Click on the album cover to read the review.

#1 Colour Revolt “Colour Revolt” (Esperanza Plantation)


– As most people know I’m quite high on this band. These six songs are why.

#2 Voxtrot “Mothers, Sisters, Daughters & Wives” (Cult Hero)


– One of the most infectious bands I found this year. These songs will seep into your mind and find a permanent spot.

#3 Sinaloa “Split Recording” (Ebullition)


– Sinaloa’s five songs on their split recording with Ampere earlier this year continues the band’s incredible streak. Everything the band has done has been brilliant.

#4 Lemuria “Your Living Room’s All Over Me” (Art Of The Underground)


– My first exposure to this wonderful band. Seven songs on a split recording with Kind Of Like Spitting and they steal the show (to put it nicely). Can’t wait for a full-length.

#5 Jesu “Silver” (Hydrahead)


– This was my first experience with Jesu and it was certainly a mind-blowing one. New album comes out in Februrary.

#6 Zookeeper “Zookeeper EP #1″ (Belle City Pop)


– Ex Mineral/The Gloria Record frontman Chris Simpson makes his return with Zookeeper. Fans rejoice!

#7 Maps & Atlases “Tree, Swallows, Houses” (Self-Released)


– A shockingly good young band from Chicago who Tim Kinsella would be proud of.

#8 Aussitot Mort “Aussitot Mort” (Level Plane)


– Awesome young band from France that plays hardcore as only the French can.



  1. […] As Language is another blog that lists Maps & Atlases near the best of 2006 with the Top 7 EPs of 2006. Maps & Atlases’ Tree, Swallows, House comes in at #7 with a sidenote: A shockingly good […]

  2. i agree with maps and atlases as well as colour revolt.

    both amazing EPs

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