Posted by: will | December 24, 2006

The Brother Kite…


The Brother Kite “Waiting For The Time To Be Right” (Clairecords)

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At the heart of Rhode Island’s The Brother Kite is an obvious affinity for the shoegazing scene and the bands that spawned from it. There are definite influences from My Bloody Valentine to The Cocteau Twins. However, The Brother Kite seperate themselves by adding an overall pop sheen to their sound. The band does not hide their pop beneath layers and layers of guitars and feedback. They allow it to rise to the top and be heard. There are echoes of The Beach Boys and power pop groups like The Posies as well. I guess you could call The Brother Kite’s sound shoegazer pop.

The album starts off brightly with “The Coat Of Arms” which is a wonderful song that higlights the band’s amazing instrumental delivery through its first 3 minutes. Finally, lead singer Patrick Boutwell’s dreamy vocals come in to close out the song. On the bright “Out Of Sight” and the infectious “Bringing It Back Home” The Brother Kite are firing on all cylanders. The vocals of Boutwell and the warm inviting tones of the music will leave you wanting more. The band does not disappoint as Waiting For The Time To Be Right continues knocking out gorgeous song after gorgeous song. From driving tracks like “I’m Not The Only One” and and “Hold Me Down” to slower, more atmospheric songs like “Hopeless And Unsung” and “The Finest Kind”, The Brother Kite show a remarkable range. That range is never more apparent than on the epic “Lay Down Your Burden” which sees the band’s sound culminating into one beautifully orchestrated five minute track.

Rhode Island is certainly not known for its music. That is why it came as a surprise to find out that The Brother Kite were from the little known state. I’m quite sure that I have not listened to very man bands from Rhode Island. But if the The Brother Kite keeps on putting out albums like Waiting For The Time To Be Right they just might finally put their home state on the music map.

RIYL: The Posies, My Bloody Valentine, The Cocteau Twins


The Brother Kite – Out Of Sight (mp3)

The Brother Kite – Bringing It Back Home (mp3)



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